Windows and Doors

Few things in life are low maintenance. UPVC products such as windows, doors and conservatories not only enhance the character of your home but are easy to look after and durable as they do not crack or warp. We are members of Network VEKA, the independent installers’ organisation network who demand the highest standards from their members. So confident are they in the service offered by network members that a 10-year insurance-backed guarantee is given for all products.


We are proud to use the VEKA profile in 58- matrix and 70 fully sculptured systems in a wide range of colours. Each frame is custom-made so you will be confident there will be a perfect fit with the added bonus of guaranteed burglarproof locks. If you are considering adding a conservatory – which will increase your living space all year round and add value to your home – it is possible to regulate heat and glare from the sun by using glass with a slight tint to reduce solar glare. Reducing heat loss is good not only for your bank balance but for the environment and combined with the fact that all UPVC products are fully recyclable; installing our products is environmentally wise.


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